Jiongoze project is an initiative spearheaded by a Consortium of Five Organizations working in Nairobi and Garissa Counties to build a community of resilient and empowered youth with a sense of purpose and identity for their lives.

Jiongoze initiative is being implemented by WomanKind Kenya (WOKIKE) in Garissa Township and Hulugho, I Choose life-Africa (ICL) in Kibra, Social Welfare Development Programme Kenya (SOWED Kenya) in Kamukunji and DOCUBOX Kenya and Eastleighwood Youth Forum as media partners implementing in all four locations.

The Consortium recognizes the application of non-violent approaches to mitigate the major drivers to violent extremism in Kenya, with more focus on enhancing understanding and acceptance of diversity among the people from different religious and cultural backgrounds. We believe in youth-focused-Behavior Change training and educative media engagement in promoting the sense of belonging and unity among the socially marginalized communities.

This noble project was initiated in October 2018 and is an avenue to strengthen and expand existing partnerships and linkages to increase and improve youth opportunities to tame violent extremism. Jiongoze project team is closely working with the Kenyan local and National Government in Counties, the business communities, Women & Youth groups, Media partners, the clergy communities, parents, and teachers.